On behalf of the staff and                                    providers at the Healing Arts Center

                   in Cottonwood, AZ;

                   w    welcome!


                        Our mission is to provide an

                   environment which empowers

                   a     all to move forward in their

                   healing process.

                   Our vision is to provide access

                   to an array of approaches to

                   health, healing, and supportive

                   services from those found in

                         Western traditional healthcare, 

                         to alternative and integrative

                   therapies from around the world.

                   Please visit our Family Medical

                   Center and HAC Provider Services

                   pages to learn how we may support

                         you on your integrative path to

                         wellness and well-being.


     753 N. Main St.

    Cottonwood, AZ 

     86326 - 3663

   (928) 634-7470  

These are times to step back from the "daily grind"

and acknowledge the spiritual aspect

at work in all of the healing arts.

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eMail: [omm4hac@hotmail.com]

            Olga Morris, FNP

Clinical Co-coordinator of Services

Dr. Marvin Colvin, D.O  Facility Proprietor 

Healing Arts Center

753 N. Main St.

Cottonwood, AZ 86326-3663

(928) 634-7470

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