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Olga Morris, FNP

& Marvin Colvin, DO

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Dr.Marvin Colvin in session

Family Medical Center

Marvin L. Colvin, D.O.      Olga Morris, F.N.P.      Wendy Treash, PA-C       Charlene Tobin, D.O.

753 North Main Street   |   Cottonwood, AZ  86326-3663   |   (928) 634-7470

Wendy Treash, PA-C

Olga Morris, F.N.P.

Marvin L. Colvin, D.O.

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Family Medical Center

Our Mission

The Mission of the Family Medical Center is to provide an environment of healing that engages each person at his/her current state of life and health experience, and promotes that person to his/her next state of well-being.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Family Medical Center is to stand as the foundation of one

end of a bridge from traditional medical practice, to expanded healing practice.